Web Development Services

Web development, as the name suggests, is the development of websites, and all the other paraphernalia along with it. We at LiveGlow are ever experienced in giving you the development that you would need, in terms of your site. Custom web application development, script installation and modification, web application development solutions, and operating system web development, are just small features that we include  and if you happen to be a Webmaster, we would provide you additional support and services so that your website can be among the top-ranked ones in Google search engine. We also have experts in PHP, AJAX, ASP.NET, C#, SSL, HTML/DHTML/XHTML, JQuery, JavaScript, XML/XSLT, VBScript, JAVA, CSS and MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS Access and perform all our operations in Windows 9x/2000/CE/ME/NT/XP, Linux, as you can be sure about our technical expertise in this regard. We also have experiance

LiveGlow has always been one of the best in leading web development companies and they're always willing to walk the extra mile for their prospective clients. We have a commitment to deliver the best in web development services towards you, and they always fulfil their promises, and make sure that you are satisfied with the services that wanted to get.

LiveGlow has the best experts in this field, and they would load up a website with features that can be integrated in the future to the website, and that would be a very secure website, albeit all the security firewalls, and the intrusion free measures. With limited resources, you could without any hesitation approach us, and we will provide you solutions that would be cost-effective, as well as very sound and secure for your website. All clients are treated equally, and no priority is given towards anyone, irrespective of their orders.

Open Source Development

Open Source Development is a process by which the software whose source code is publically available. These kind of software tools are available with source code under the open source license to study, change and improve the product. We have a vast experience different kind of open source website tools such as Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, ModX, OS-Commerce, ZenCart & Magento. We offer you a variety of solutions to maintain the existing the systems and a development of new system in very economical cost.